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How to prevent the kidnapping of the platform software for the security industry?
时间:2016-04-22 17:25:36


Attention to to provide users with the cloud storage solutions initial Zhiyun store launched a pearl chain strategy, to assume the responsibility of industry consolidation, it to cloud storage Committee and cloud storage of various machine and its unique technology as the support platform, data storage, data management, application data, save the cloud storage as a link, outstanding enterprises in their respective segments, products and technology integration, forming standard solution type products, to achieve a single enterprise can not meet the demands of the user. Pearl chain strategy is mainly reflected in three aspects: first, the foundation innovation, such as cloud storage products, cloud operating system the basic fields, Chi will continue to increase R & D efforts; second, alliance innovation, volunteers will with the upstream and downstream partners together to create end to end solutions, and jointly promote the maturity of the industry chain; third, innovation based on ecological system, beginning will create a more open platform, cultivating more cooperation partners, to develop a more developers together to establish a healthy industrial chain. The demands of the user to achieve a single enterprise is unable to meet the user: let more worry, let more simple storage! Text from the [security knowledge network] reproduced please keep the original link
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